Bridget A. Dinvaut is a native daughter of St. John the Baptist Parish. Nearly thirty years ago, she began her career in the criminal justice system protecting and serving her community. From 1984 through 1985, she worked as a bounty hunter and private investigator. In 1986, she was employed with the St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office serving as an undercover narcotics officer. She was promoted to the St. John Detective Bureau where her strong work ethic, leadership and professionalism earned her the rank of Lt. Commander of the Narcotics Division. As a result of working with various state and federal law enforcement task forces, she transitioned her career from local law enforcement                                                 to the federal  criminal justice system.

From 1994 through 2002, she served as a federal law enforcement officer, assigned to federal supervision and pre-sentence investigations with the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana (New Orleans) and the Southern District of Florida (Miami). During her federal service, she was also assigned as a Sentencing Specialist for the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and a Lead Safety and Training Instructor.


In 2002, she relinquished her federal law enforcement commission to pursue a legal career. She earned a Juris Doctorate Degree with the honor of Magna Cum Laude from the Southern University Law Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Southern University at New Orleans and a Certification in Supervision and Management from the University of New Orleans.


During her second year of matriculation at the Southern University Law Center, she was offered and accepted a position as an Associate Attorney in the law firm of Lemle & Kelleher, LLC. There, she practiced Civil Defense Litigation in the areas of Transportation, Labor and Employment, and Insurance. As a Senior Associate she represented numerous public and private clients in both state and federal courts.


After the death of her father, she returned to St. John Parish where she joined the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Office. She served as a Prosecutor in all three 40th Judicial District Courts. Her additional responsibilities included supervision of the District Attorney’s Office’s participation in the 40th Judicial District Drug Court Program. Ms. Dinvaut served as Lead Felony Prosecutor in Division C. 


Since 2004, Ms. Dinvaut has served as an officer of the Rudolph G. Dinvaut Athletic Foundation established, by her father, in support of the Athletic Department, Stadium and student scholarships at West St. John High School.


In 2012, Ms. Dinvaut’s attributes led to her gubernatorial appointment and Louisiana Senate confirmation to the Southern University Board of Supervisors. By unanimous acclamation of her colleagues, she served as Chairwoman of the Southern University Board of Supervisors from 2012 through 2014. She is the second female to hold the distinction of Board chair and is the first female to serve two consecutive terms.


Louisiana history was made in St. John the Baptist Parish on January 12, 2015, when Attorney Bridget A. Dinvaut became the first African American woman in Louisiana state history to be sworn in as an elected district attorney. On that same day, she also made history in St. John the Baptist Parish as the first female and first African American to be elected to the office of District Attorney, 40th Judicial District.


Since taking office, District Attorney Dinvaut has:


  • Expanded the victim’s assistance program by assigning an assistant to each division of the 40th JDC to ensure compliance with victim’s rights as guaranteed under the Louisiana State Constitution;
  • Concentrated the office's resources to bring violent criminals to justice;


  • Established the Opportunity Now Program. A program dedicated to allowing eligible non-violent felony offenders a second chance to become productive citizens. The program consist of (10) consecutive weeks of intensive class work designed to enhance life skills and work readiness;


  • Established other Diversion Programs to assist citizens of St. John the Baptist Parish. The Diversion Programs are an alternative to prosecution which gives citizens a second chance: Pretrial Juvenile Diversion, Traffic Diversion and Misdemeanor Diversion;


  • On September 29, 2016, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards appointed DA Dinvaut to the Reentry Advisory Council. She is also a member of the Louisiana District Attorney Association Technology Committee; and


  • Instituted an “Education Matters” program to focus on the importance of education in crime prevention as well as directing our children on a path of success. She has also conducted public awareness initiatives to educate the public relative to Elder Abuse, Contractor Fraud, Cyber Crimes, Expungement, Jury Selection, and Victim/ Witness Assistance.


Ms. Dinvaut's commitment to Public Service


Bridget A. Dinvaut is the daughter of the late Rudolph G. Dinvaut and Corine P. Dinvaut. She is married to Michael A. Sanders, former NBA player and NBA Coach. She has two sisters, Bonnie Dinvaut and Billie Dinvaut-Duncan. She is a member of the Christian faith.


DA Dinvaut is a member of The Louisiana State Bar Association, The National Bar Association, The American Bar Association, The Louisiana District Attorney Association, The National District Attorney Association, the Rotary Club of LaPlace, and the St. John Parish Business Association.