The 40th Judicial District Attorney’s Office is composed of (9) Divisions, all working together to serve and protect the rights of the citizens of St. John the Baptist Parish.




District Attorney:   Bridget A. Dinvaut

Exec. Adm. Assistant:   Robin M. Bailey

Managing Attorney:   

Misd. Diversion / Traffic Administrator:   Steve Cupit,

Legal Administrative/Civil Clerk:

Business Service Manager:   Monica Joseph

West Bank Office Manager:   Darlene Bethancourt

East Bank Office Manager:   Evengeline Jackson


Criminal Division


ADA:    Criminal Chief

ADA:    Capital Case Prosecutor

Clerk:   Anna Loup, Intake Coordinator


Division “A”


ADA:  Anthony Ibert, Lead Prosecutor

ADA:  , Assistant District Attorney

ADA: Jason Galjour, Assistant District Attornety


Clerk:   Gina Dicket



Division “B”


ADA:   Philip Prescott, Lead Prosecutor

ADA:   Geoffrey Michel, Assistant District Attorney


Clerk:   Cara St. Amant


Division “C”


ADA:   Niki Roberts, Lead Prosecutor

ADA:    Capital Prosecutor

ADA:   Leandre Millet, Assistant District Attorney

ADA:   Henri Dufresne, Assistant District Attorney


Clerk:   Tiffany Roussel


Civil Division:


ADA:   Keith Green, Jr., Civil Chief, Custodian of Records, and

             Adjudicated Properties Administrator


ADA: Post-Conviction Relief,

Cash/ Commercial Bond Forfeitures, Parish Governing Authority,

and Parish School Board


ADA:   Henri Dufresne, Library Board, Civil Service Board

             and Asset Forfeitures


ADA:   Kennilyn Schmill, Administrative Hearings Officer

ADA:   Administrative Hearings Clerk

ADA:   Newton Savoie, Planning & Zoning

ADA:   J. Philip Prescott, Pre-Litigation Claims


Assistant:   Evangeline Jackson, Adjudicated Properties

Law Clerk:  

Legal Clerk



Misdemeanor/ Traffic Court:


ADA:   Lead Prosecutor

ADA:   Geoffrey Michel, Assistant District Attorney

ADA:   Assistant District Attorney

ADA:   Jason Galjour, Assistant District Attorney

ADA:   Newton Savoie, Assistant District Attorney



Probation:   Melanie Stein, Misdemeanor


Clerk:    Darlene Bethancourt, Traffic

Clerk: Tashana Gaudet, Traffic


Juvenile Division:


ADA:   Newton Savoie, Lead Prosecutor

ADA:   Assistant District Attorney


Clerk:   Kennedy Stewart


Child Support Enforcement:


ADA:   Kim Laborde Ancona, Lead Prosecutor


Case Worker:   Tina Neal

Case Worker:  


Receptionist:   Rebecca Simoneaux



Victim Assistance:


Coordinator:   Jennifer Duhe (Division B)

Advocate:   Tiffany Roussel (Division A & C)



Worthless Check Division:


Coordinator:   Jennifer Duhe



Special Programs:


Coordinator:   Evangeline Jackson


Customer Service Representatives


Receptionist:   Ashley Jamieson, Reserve - D.A.

Receptionist:   Rebecca Simoneaux, Reserve - Child Support

Receptionist:   Kennedy Stewart, Edgard - D.A.

Receptionist:   Jeanne Guillot, Reserve