Welcome to the 40th Judicial District Attorney’s Office


     The Office of the District Attorney serves the 40th Judicial District of the State of Louisiana and is charged under the Constitution of our State with the prosecutorial responsibility for all criminal cases occurring within the boundaries of St. John the Baptist Parish. Our core commitment is to pursue equal justice under the law and engage in the fair administration of justice for the safety and welfare of all citizens.


     The Office of the District Attorney is critical to our American system of justice, but more importantly, the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s office plays a vital role in crime prevention and protecting our community through the prosecution of violent criminal offenders, habitual offenders, drug dealers and criminals who prey on our most valuable and vulnerable citizens, our children and the elderly. When making criminal prosecution decisions, the district attorney is obligated to evaluate the evidence submitted by local, state and federal law enforcement to determine whether the facts of the case meet the elements of the crime charged. It is equally important to consider alternative sentences to incarceration for some youthful offenders and first-time offenders of non-violent crimes who demonstrate a sincere desire to accept responsibility for their actions and make positive changes through supervision and available programs to redirect their lives from the consequences of criminal activities, negative influences and illegal behavior.


     One of our main goals is to work with our criminal justice partners, community leaders and school systems to deter our youth from a destructive life of crime through mentoring, rehabilitative efforts, positive reinforcement and crime prevention programs.


     In addition, St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Office is authorized under the St. John the Baptist Parish Home Rule Charter to serve as the legal advisor to the St. John the Baptist Parish Governing Authority. We are also statutorily bound under Louisiana State law to serve as the “regular attorneys and counsel” for the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board and state boards and commissions within the jurisdiction. Given this mandate, my office has a Civil Division, which provides legal recommendations to ensure compliance with the law and minimize the risk of exposure to liability for all taxpaying citizens.


     My team and I are constantly at work to uphold the laws of our country, state and parish and we dedicate ourselves to serve in truth, good faith and justice for all members of our community family.


     I invite all citizens to get involved in improving our criminal justice system and helping to foster a safer place to live, work and create a promising future for St. John the Baptist Parish. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. We are St. John Proud!


                                                                                            Bridget A. Dinvaut